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Dev Flow

DevFlow is a website dedicated to providing a platform for programmers to ask and answer questions.
It operates similar to Stackoverflow, allowing users to vote questions and answers up or down and edit them in a wiki-like fashion.
Users can earn reputation points and badges for valuable contributions, adding a gamification aspect to the Q&A format.

Back End:

TypesScript, NEXT

Front End:

React, Tailwind, Shadcn


MongoDB, Prisma ORM

Auth & Tools:

Clerk, Tinymce, Vercel


a community-driven platform for asking and answering programming querstions. Get helps, share knowledge, and collaborate with developers from around the world.

✔️ Fully Functional Search & Filter
✔️ Delete and edit All Questions & Answers
✔️ Tag & Question Category
✔️ User Customization
✔️ Intelligent answering questions with AI
✔️ Gamification & Scoring system
✔️ Question & Answer creation
✔️ Beautiful UI using TailwindCSS and ShadcnUI
✔️ Full responsivity and mobile UI
✔️ Light / Dark mode
✔️ Tiny MCE for Question Editor
✔️ ORM using Prisma
✔️ MongoDB database using Atlas Cloud
✔️ Authentication with Clerk

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