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Modern Fullstack SaaS-Platform
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Talk 2 Doc

Chat with your documents in seconds.
Talk2Doc allows you to have conversations with any PDF document. Simply upload your file and start asking questions right away.
Chatting to your PDF files has never been easier than with Talk2Doc.
- Sign up for an account
- Upload your PDF file
- Start asking questions

Back End:

TypesScript, NEXT.js

Front End:

React, Tailwind, Shadcn


Pinecone, Prisma ORM

Auth & Tools:

Kinde Auth, Open AI API, Vercel


šŸ› ļø Complete SaaS Built From Scratch
šŸ’» Beautiful Landing Page & Pricing Page Included
šŸ’³ Free & Pro Plan Using Stripe
šŸ“„ A Beautiful And Highly Functional PDF Viewer
šŸ”„ Streaming API Responses in Real-Time
šŸ”’ Authentication Using Kinde
šŸŽØ Clean, Modern UI Using 'shadcn-ui'
šŸš€ Optimistic UI Updates for a Great UX
āš” Infinite Message Loading for Performance
šŸ“¤ Intuitive Drag nā€™ Drop Uploads
āœØ Instant Loading States
šŸ”§ Modern Data Fetching Using tRPC & Zod
šŸ§  LangChain for Infinite AI Memory
šŸŒ² Pinecone as our Vector Storage
šŸ“Š Prisma as our ORM
šŸ”¤ 100% written in TypeScript

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