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Team chat Web App
Teammate-WebApp-Full Stack Project-Modern-Workstation


Imagine a place where you can belong to an expert club, a programming group, or a worldwide artistic community.
A place that allows only you and a few friends to hang out and spend more time chatting every day.
The Teammate web program offers unlimited #chat, #audiocall, and #videocall channels that you can personalize and invite your friends to join in a secure environment. Enjoy all these features and more with Teammate.

Back End:

TypesScript, NEXT

Front End:

React, Tailwind, Shadcn


MySQL, Prisma ORM

Auth & Tools:

Clerk,, Vercel


✔️ Real-time messaging using
✔️ Send attachments as messages using UploadThing
✔️ Delete and edit messages in real-time for all users
✔️ Create Text, Audio and Video call Channels
✔️ 1:1 conversation between members
✔️ 1:1 video calls between members
✔️ Member management (Kick, Role change Guest / Moderator)
✔️ Unique invite link generation & complete working invite system
✔️ Infinite loading for messages in batches of 10 (tanstack/query)
✔️ Server creation and customization
✔️ Beautiful UI using TailwindCSS and ShadcnUI
✔️ Full responsivity and mobile UI
✔️ Light / Dark mode
✔️ Websocket fallback: Polling with alerts
✔️ ORM using Prisma
✔️ MySQL database using Neon Tech
✔️ Authentication with Clerk

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